Avoid These Mistakes When When Installing A Wrought Iron Door

When homeowners decide that they want a wrought iron door installed on their home, they will begin the search for a company that will provide the service.  More often than not, those same homeowners who took the time to decide on their wrought iron door will then fail to do their due diligence regarding the installation.

A New Company

Most new companies, when starting out, will advertise a price for installation that you will feel you can not pass up.  Although a lower price is a great find, keep in mind that new companies still need to gain the experience under their belts that an established company has.  It will also be difficult, if possible at all, to find previous customer reviews of a new company that could play a significant role in deciding your choice.  By sticking with an established company, it may be true that you could initially pay more, but the trade-off is that they are more experienced, and more research is available about them.


When you finally decide to have a wrought iron door installed, the last worry you will want is whether or not the product is certified or that the team doing the installation is actually certified as well. Choosing to go with a non-certified product and installation team may save you money initially, but over time, you may end up paying more than you would have.  When choosing to go with a wrought iron door that is non-certified, you run the risk of water, air, and even bugs findingtheir way into your home. There is also the chance that a non-certified installation team could quite possibly cause physical damage to your home when installing the door.


Logic only follows that if a company is offering its products or services at a significantly lower price than its competition, there hss to be a reason why.  In most cases, the reason is that they are cutting costs in such a manner that, down the road, may end up costing their clients more money overall. It would better serve you to do your research and seek out a BBB-rated or highly accredited company to perform a wrought iron door installation on your home.  You will then ensure that the products and the service you receive are top-notch and reliable.

Limitation of Styles

One of the main reasons for installing a wrought iron door is to be able to customize the item allowing you to give your home a unique appearance.  More and more companies are beginning to offer only stock styles, limiting your choice and possibly having your choice look the same as the wrought iron door on several other homes. When you decide to spend the money to have a wrought iron door installed on your home, the last thing you will want is to see is the same style on someone elses home.

Local Climate

One of the most common mistakes most homeowners make when installing a wrought iron door is failing to consider the climate.  The weather and how it hits your home will play a significant role in the life span of your wrought iron door.  Driving rain and the ever-present sun's intense rays are two factors to consider when choosing a location for the door.  The manufacturing of the entry door should take into consideration these weather-related conditions so that it will be able to withstand the intense effects of the weather.

Product and installation costs can vary from one company toanother.  What one company may charge for the installation of your wrought iron door could be significantly lower, or even higher, than another.  The worst thing to do is to underestimate the product and installation cost – this will only lead to unnecessary headaches.  Also, remember, as a rule, most installtion jobs end up taking longer and costing more than initially thought, so make sure that you keep your guesstimate on your job high.

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