Iron Entry Door Vs. Security Door

Iron Entry Door Vs. Security Door

Anytime you consider a new front door for your home, you will find a wide variety of options. However, iron doors are the best choice when it comes to making a unique statement, coupled with several benefits. Many are unaware that when considering an iron door, there is a significant difference between an iron entry door and an iron security front door.

This article will look at the various differences between an iron entry door and a security front door and the benefits of choosing one for your home.  By being armed with the necessary information below, you will be ready when it comes time to make your choice.

Iron Entry Door

Just as it sounds, an iron entry door is a front door that provides entry into a home.  Because it is utilized as a primary entrance, an iron entry door is commonly sealed as well as insulated.  By being constructed in this manner, it serves as a barrier to keep heat, cold, the elements, and anything else that is unwanted on the outside from getting in.  

With its foam insulation, an iron entry door will aid in maintaining a consistent temperature within the home.  An iron entry door is also commonly hung so that the door will open to the inside, allowing you are any guests to enter the house quickly.  An iron entry doorprovides a level of security coupled with an aesthetic appeal.

Iron Security Door

An iron security door primarily differs from an iron entry door because it is considered a storm or screen door.  With some designs offering a screen, and some not, an iron security door is commonly hung on the exterior of the main entry door.  In that, an iron entry door will open to the inside of the home.  An iron security door will swing away from the entrance to the home's interior.

Primary to the construction of an iron security door is the extra layer of security that it provides while also allowing the flow of light and air into the home.

Security Of Iron Doors

One of the primary reasons that many homeowners decide to change to an iron door is the extra level of security.  With the door's sturdy and durable construction, it is the best choice of all others on the market today, unlike the more common wood door, which is easily breakable and penetrable.  On the contrary, when considering an iron door, keep in mind that they are resistant to just about anything, including high temperatures, making them difficult for fire to permeate through.

Not only is it difficult for fire to permeate an iron door, but they are also secure against water infiltration as well.  The door can withstand high-velocity winds and stand up solidly to any form of damage from possible flying objects such as debris.  Being constructed from metal, they are resistant to insects and rot also.

One of an iron doors' most significant appealing traits is the security and safety they impart. Constructed of high-density iron, they are almost impossible for someone to penetrate or knockdown easily. Depending on the gauge of iron you choose will determine how much stress and abuse the door can withstand.

Other Advantages

Because the door is constructed from iron, there will be some additional cost, but there are several benefits that more than outweigh the purchasing one.  You can consider an iron door an investment that will never need to be replaced.  There is also the fact that monthly cleanings of the iron door will keep it looking fresh and new and involve the simple process of rinsing it off using some soap and a hose.  

Iron doors are, as mentioned above, sealed and insulated, which can significantly reduce monthly utility bills.  Savings on your heating and cooling bills,coupled with the versatility of an iron door, only add to the unique statementit will make about your home.  With the wide range of designs, styles, and finishes available, you will find the right choice to give your home something extra to stand out in the crowd.

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